The Basics


Goes In Your Recycling:
  • Household bottles, jars & jugs
  • Dairy containers & lids
  • Produce, bakery & deli containers & lids

Does NOT Go In Your Recycling:
  • Plastic bags, wraps & films
  • Motor oil bottles
  • Styrofoam


Goes In Your Recycling:
  • Cardboard & paperboard (food boxes)
  • Newspapers & inserts
  • Office & school paper
  • Books & magazines
  • Envelopes, junk mail & catalogs
  • Milk, juice & soup cartons

Does NOT Go In Your Recycling:
  • Shredded paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Pet food bags


Goes In Your Recycling:
  • Aluminum bottles & cans
  • Steel & tin cans

Does NOT Go In Your Recycling:
  • Propane tanks
  • Aluminum pans & foil 
  • Scrap metal, cookware & appliances
  • Aerosol cans
  • Empty paint cans


Goes In Your Recycling:
  • Food & beverage bottles & jars

Does NOT Go In Your Recycling:
  • Mirrors
  • Window glass
  • Ceramics & china
  • Drinking glassware

What's the deal with plastic bags?

Plastic bags, wraps, and films are our #1 contaminant. Recycle items loosely and not in plastic bags! Take clean and dry plastic bags back to store drop-off collections, and remember to bring reusable bags with you on shopping trips and when visiting your local farmers market.

Beyond the Basics? Search the waste wizard!

A centerpiece of Wisconsin's recycling industry

Brown, Outagamie, and Winnebago counties have enjoyed a partnership since 2007 that has created landfill and recycling efficiencies for benefit of all residents.

Brown County

Waste and Recovery Operations
Waste and Recovery Operations
Convenient Recycling Drop-Off

Located in Green Bay Wisconsin, Brown County Resource Recovery’s Mission is to meet the solid waste management needs of our communities, residents, businesses and industry through methods that are environmentally sound, technically feasible and economical.

Outagamie County

Home of the Tri County Recycling Facility
Resource Recovery Park
Landfill Operation Excellence

Located in Appleton Wisconsin, Outagamie County Recycling and Solid Waste’s Mission is to provide our communities with exceptional materials management and educational services using safe and environmentally sound practices.

Winnebago County

Convenient Location
Residential Drop-Off Site
WC TransferOps
Waste/Recycling Transfer Service

Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Winnebago County Solid Waste provides competitive, cost-efficient Solid Waste Management services for solid waste and recyclable materials from our Municipal partnerships and other Winnebago County customers.


Learning what is and is not recyclable is the most effective way to help us Recycle Right!

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags, wraps & films are our #1 contaminant. Recycle items loosely and not in plastic bags! Take clean and dry plastic bags back to store drop-off collections.

Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper

Shredded paper builds up in our equipment creating unnecessary maintenance & cleanup. Take confidential papers to a shredding event.



Putting garbage, liquids & food in the recycling or "wish-cycling" items that you are unsure what to do with makes it difficult and costly for us to sort clean recyclables. When in doubt, visit our Waste Wizard website tool or contact us.



Tanks & compressed gas cylinders can contain small amounts of fuel and can ignite if damaged. Search "propane tank" in our Waste Wizard to find proper drop-off locations.



Needles, lancets & syringes are the #1 safety concern for our sorting staff. Do not throw sharps in your recycling or trash! Visit: and search “Sharps Collections” for proper drop-off locations.



Batteries & electronics are a fire hazard and should never go in recycling carts. Search "battery" or "electronic" in our Waste Wizard website tool to find proper drop-off locations.



Clothing, bedding & towels wrap around sorting equipment creating unnecessary maintenance. Donate textiles or if in poor condition throw them in the garbage.



These materials are anything that wraps around our sorting equipment, such as cords, hoses & wires, creating unnecessary maintenance. Take these items to a drop-off location for proper recycling or place them in the garbage.

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